Matt Judon and the Ravens can’t come to an agreement on a contract extension. Will he be in the teams long term plans? The NFL announces there will be no preseason in 2020. What does this mean for Undrafted free agents and late round draft picks from this year? The fellas talk about their top 3 most memorable Ravens games, as the team releases their top 25 games of all time. With opening day just 3 days away, John Means has a “tired arm”…. so who will get the Opening Day start? The MASN broadcast team is going to look and sound a little different this season. Who will be in, and who is out? With not much going on in the way of college sports, we are talking a particular Terp TE that not only do we have our eyes on… But so will the national award voters for the top TE award in the country! And we are talking Jack, James, and Rogers in this weeks rundown… Are we drunk?!? Check it out!