Making Tough Decisions (E111)

It’s almost cut down time, as the Ravens prepare for week 4 of the preseason! Who is on the bubble, and who do the guys think will win their spots on the 53 man roster? Does Trace McSorley have a place with this team? How many WR’s will they carry? Has Alaka done enough to be the un-drafted free agent that makes the team this season? Mike Elias makes some cuts within the front office and scouting departments. Was this the right time? Scott seems to think this should have happened before the season started. Some young birds are lighting it up down in the minors, and the guys are here to fill you in! Mike Locksley finally names his starting QB for this Saturday’s Howard game! Will it be last years starter in Piggy, or the new transfer in Jackson? You’ll have to listen to get your answers!!