Well…here we go….It’s our 2nd Quarantined BS Show and it was a good one! Its just Fred & Scott, as Bryan is off buying some fancy new wheels! First thing they decide to do is take some time and Break Down those “other guys” in the AFC North! We look at the Bengals, Browns, and “Squeelers”…whoops we mean Steelers. As we assess where each team ended last season, we also look at what each team has done this off season to try to improve. oh and we look at possible needs for this team as the draft is coming up soon. Speaking of draft, Fred and Scott each do a Mock draft live on air, allowing fans followed along on the videocast of the show. During and after each of their mocks, they breakdown what their thoughts were in making their picks. And to round out this show, they threw in some of the other major sports news into an “everything else” trash can. So Listen or watch the show and get in on these BS opinions!