Section 336

Hosted ByMatt Sroka, Josh Sroka, and Bert Rode

Baltimore Orioles Talk

Their listeners have called Section 336 “The Sports Junkies of Baltimore”. Section 336 proclaims themselves to be Baltimore’s best sports talk. However, you don’t have to be a fan of Baltimore to enjoy Section 336. As iTunes reviewers say “ Listening to this show brings back the memories of my childhood..” and “You guys are hysterical. You definitely help a non-stats guy keep up”. Give Section 336 a chance and you will be a weekly listener.

Pod 321: It Has Been Worse

Chris Davis had a bad week and the Orioles had a bad week but we have seen the Orioles much worse.  We still have hope for the process.  This week we talk about the current O’s, the draft, and the minors.  We also talk with Ron Snyder about the 1988 Orioles make sure you pick up a copy of his new book A Season to Forget and remember another time the Orioles were not good but we all know what came the following year.

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