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Hosted ByGlenn Martin and James Haskell

Sports are in everything we do and everywhere we go. They enter places of business and dinner conversations of every kind. 410 Sports Talk is a fans commentary on sports, all sports; Baseball, Basketball, Football, MMA, maybe even golf. Coming to you from Baltimore, Maryland we give you our raw, emotionally driven, hilarious and sometimes unpopular opinions on the local teams while also covering those national headlines that are dominating your office, barbershop or break-room during the week. If you are a true sports fan than take a listen, learn, give your opinion, disagree with us or don’t! It’s up to you!

Ravens Victory Recap with Joshua Harris

In this episode we:

  • Review The Ravens Victory over the Bengals
  • Talk about the progress of Lamar Jackson with his personal QB Coach, Joshua Harris
  • Review our weekly pick’em and national surprises while also paying up on our best in the form of songs