This show was not your normal episode for Fred, Scott & Bryan as ALL 3 are remote with the “STAY-AT- HOME” order in place. But Eric DeCosta and The Ravens have made a flurry of moves this off-season that seem to be PURE GENIUS! From signing Campbell, to resigning both Jimmy Smith and Anthony Levine, and then after the Brockers deal fell through, they turn around and Get DT Wolfe on a solid deal that saves money. But there was one move that has us scratching our heads and it involves a trade with…THE STEELERS?? We also take a look back at the 2019 Draft class and give out grades to determine whether or not each met expectations. You also have to begin to look at this years draft, so the guys do a “War Room” Mock Draft on the site This mock draft went WAY different that we anticipated based on the board, but allowed us to address some needs for this team. Opening Day for the Orioles was obviously heartbreakingly delayed with the Pandemic going on around the country and world. But it got Scott thinking, what is the biggest heartbreaks you have had with the Orioles. Former Orioles Center Fielder Adam Jones also had an interesting interview where he discussed potential of being back in an O’s uniform, but as a Manager? The guys break this down and give their thoughts. And the Terps have not been playing, so this is bringing up some serious questions regarding some players on this team and what it may mean for next year. Both the Men’s Basketball and Football team land huge recruits over the next few years, and Fred breaks down what this means.