Bleacher Birds

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A couple of birds sitting in the cheap seats talking Os, Ravens, and occasional nonsense.

A couple of birds sitting in the cheap seats talking Os, Ravens, and occasional nonsense.

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Bye Núñez/Hollywood Brown turkey leg or bust

This week the boys mourn the loss to the Titans, who’s to blame? Is this team playoff bound? The Orioles protect some potential rule 5 steals, the KBO championship is up for grabs, all this and yes the list.

Scrubs and Turkeys

This week the boys discuss the last name that was to be named later picked up from the Astros. The ravens embarrassing loss, the ravensflock’s embarrassing behavior, and yes some KBO. All this and where you can get thanksgiving dinner for under $30.

PTBNL and tournament of Champions

This week the boys are back reviewing the ravens/Indianapolis game. Just who the orioles stole from the Braves, a KBO playoff update,the mlb mascot tournament of champions, and an addition to the list!

Broken wings and Bisciotti buying the O’s?

This week the boys discuss Halloween, closing the book on the World Series, a dodger player makes the list, a ufc style mascot tournament of champions, Enrique is back! yulmer is an Oriole is Hanser no longer the answer? Is Steve Bisciotti buying the Orioles? The KBO playoffs have started!…sort of. The ravens broken wings,...

Fraud, awards and Steelers.

This week on the show the boys discuss the birdland survey, Matt tells a tale of taking batting practice at Camden yards. Did Anthony Santander get nominated for a gold glove for his hitting? Mike Elias accused of Fraud? How the Braves bonehead plays cost them the national league championship. The World Series, Ji Man...


This week the boys discuss the os salary cuts, the mlb playoffs(spoiler Jimmy is gonna be upset next week), the ravens, does Jose Altuve have a reason to live, the legend of Ji Man Choi, KBO an addition to the list and more.


This weeks episode the boys discuss the missing rookie in the winter league, the mlb playoffs, a ravens review and preview, a ufc knockout, the epic return of the list…and pancakes.

2020 Orioles review, John Har-lack of balls and happy birthday Jimbo

This week the boys discuss the Orioles 2020 season and briefly discuss the 2021 outlook. The 2020 Mlb playoffs and Jimmy goes off on John Harbaugh for the Monday night loss and then celebrates a win from this past Sunday. We preview the Cincinnati game briefly, touch on Cam getting Covid and Brian Hoyer getting...


We were so excited for Monday night football that we didn’t even talk about the playoffs. Join us as we discuss the wildcard round!