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A couple of birds sitting in the cheap seats talking Os, Ravens, and occasional nonsense.

A couple of birds sitting in the cheap seats talking Os, Ravens, and occasional nonsense.

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Austin Hays and cobra Kai

This week the boys discuss the last week of orioles baseball could the orioles still make the playoffs? Austin Hays and Cedric solidifying the outfield, Matt finished cobra Kai, is josh Donaldson a jerk?some KBO, a little ravens preview and Dodgeball smack down.

DeadFish, dying orioles and the rise of the ravens.

Orioles This week Matt and Jimmy discuss the end of the Orioles season and the beginning of the ravens…Just what is the starting outfield for 2021, where does Mountcastle play?the answer could surprise you. Deadfish? Coconuts at baseball games? Matt’s mandatory KBO segment and the Ravens took a dump on the browns and Odell liked...

2131, and the 2020 Cavalry

This week the boys discuss the 25 year anniversary of Cal Ripken’s 2131 streak, the resurrection of DJ Stewart, Dean Kramer and Keegan Akin being the 2021 Calvary, a little KBO, is Pat Valakia listworthy…and a dive into Ravens football week 1.

BleacherNerds: Pat Valakia, Cedric Mullins and the Poopadia

This week the Boys nerd it up with stats and woba for all you millennials and whatever the age group is after that….is Pat Valakia next on the chopping block? Should Mountcastle move to the infield when Hays comes back? All this and the infamous idiot list.

Mountcastle and the Fall of Earl.

This week the boys discuss the arrival of Ryan Mountcastle and Urias. The exit of Earl Thomas a little KBO and the return of the infamous idiot list!

Bring on the Buffalo Trash Jays

It’s vacation week jimmy just got back and Matt just left so we’re a little late. The os are 12 and 9 and 7 and 3 in their last ten. Jimmy has had enough of Crush. The blue jays and Boston are up next what does this week hold?

Will the real Baltimore Orioles please stand up?

This weeks episode Matt and Jimmy discuss just who are the real Baltimore Orioles? After sweeping the rays the os got swept by Miami, and are on track to sweep the nats…will the real orioles please stand up?this some brief kbo, the idiot list and how did Mogle almost fight a member of the Utah...

If this is Austin, we still love you.

This weeks episode the boys discuss Austin Hays slow offensive start, Matt attempts to steal someone else’s bit, is Boston tanking? The world famous Idiot list is updated, a dodgeball tale and more.

Podcast wars, The idiot list, and Opening day Orioles

This week the boys are going to war, they’ll also focus very heavy on os baseball the beginning of the season, a little nfl, a little KBO and the debut of the full Idiot list.