The Wine’d Up

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Sisters Katie and Kyla drink wine and talk about their favorite pastime, The Baltimore Orioles

Sisters Katie and Kyla drink wine and talk about their favorite pastime, The Baltimore Orioles

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Episode 041 – The Dog Days of…September

Sure, this last week of baseball didn’t really go our way, but that doesn’t mean the team can’t pull it together for a late season push, right?

Episode 040 – Vibe Check

We’re not totally sure what the clubhouse vibe is, but we bet it’s pretty good after a solid week of debuts and ruining the weekend for Yankees fans. Pour yourself a rosé and give us a listen!

Episode 039 – #Beverage Puns

It’s a Prosecco kind of day as we celebrate RyMo’s (still working on that one) first two MLB homers and our many players (both named and unnamed) that we’ve received before the trade deadline!

Episode 038 – Harvesting from the Farm

Pour yourself a Gavi and listen to us discuss Mountcastle’s promotion and the state of the rest of our soon-to-be-called-up prospects.

Episode 037 – How Many Baseball Fields to a Hectare?

In the world’s first organic podcast we discuss the relative size of Camden Yards to the Miraval vineyard, Dylan Bundy’s renaissance, sweeping the Nats, Hays’ ribs, Akin’s debut, Davis’ struggles, and Melanie Newman’s debut.

Episode 036 – Can We Extract This Week?

It’s a short one this week thanks to a wisdom teeth extraction that’s got one of our hosts feeling a little under the weather. Join us as we chat as little as possible about this week’s games, the recent call ups, and our power bats while enjoying a…

Episode 035 – Cinderella Story

The surging(?) Orioles continue their strong start to the season after a strange delay due to the Marlins COVID-related woes. Join us as we celebrate a strong start with a mysterious Côtes du Rhône.

Episode 034 – We’re Back!…Again!

The Orioles season is underway and we’re excited! Everything looks a little different, but we’re ready to talk about the current squad and our hopes for the sprint season. NOTE: This episode was recorded well before the COVID-related cancellation of…

Episode 033 – Hope Springs

February was so short we missed putting out an episode, but we’re ready to go for 2020! You know who else is? Chris Davis!